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November 10-12, 2018: Free Tours of USS Oak Hill for Military and Veterans

The US Navy is providing free prearranged group tours of the USS Oak Hill at Homeport Pier on Staten Island.

"It's that time of year again, and we're gearing up for Veterans Day! This year, we're excited to welcome USS Oak Hill to NYC. This year, the ship will be located in Staten Island. Tours will not be available for the general public, but we look forward to welcoming pre-scheduled group tours. Please note that these tours are intended for groups of approx. 10-25 participants. Smaller groups will be combined in timeslots with other groups to maximize our ability to host as many groups as possible. Please find attached pre-arranged tour requests. Feel free to socialize this opportunity with additional groups and organizations of interest. We look forward to seeing you soon!"

If you're an interested veteran or service member, please:

1) Fill out the tour request form: Vets Week 2018 Prearranged Tour Request Form

2) Email the form to the Navy point of contact listed in the second paragraph.

Thank you!