Local Partner Criteria & Commitment

Core to the Bob Woodruff Foundation's mission is our local partner network whose capacity to collaborate for impact in the lives of veterans we seek to increase.


To meet the criteria for local partnership, collaboratives must be:

  • Dedicated to meeting the needs of veterans in the communities where they live and work
  • Working to develop and sustain a “backbone organization” that will be the hub for convening and fostering collaboration among community stakeholders
  • Willing to engage as members of a national ecosystem collaborating for impact in the lives of veterans, by actively participating in regular programs provided by BWF, including but not limited to national conferences, online convenings, blogs and social media, etc.
  • Enthusiastic about learning and growing as a collaborative; willing to focus on both veteran outcomes and organizational maturation
  • Dedicated leaders who are committed to sustain and grow the collaborative
  • Willing to mentor other collaboratives if at appropriate maturity level to do so
  • Prepared to share goals/mission for the collaborative, either written, or at minimum possess the ability to articulate
  • Able to accept funding through a designated nonprofit fiscal agent

Local Partners must be prepared to work with BWF to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify a board of advisors or a structure of staff leadership that provides leadership for collaborative
  • Define the geographic boundaries and population demographics that you will serve
  • Track impact of collaborative through defined metrics or establishing concrete steps towards this aim
  • Develop a communication strategy and distribution channels to connect with to the community you serve
  • Identify of gaps in care for your veteran population and brainstorm solutions as a collaborative


The total annual value of this commitment is significant. We expect local partners to promote BWF programming to their members and for members to participate to the fullest extent possible in the following resources and services that we provide:

Collaboration Funding

This funding is earmarked to facilitate collaboration among local partner stakeholders; we recommend activities that strengthen the conditions of collective impact success, such as strategic planning, establishing a backbone organization, setting up a governance infrastructure, investing in technology to support ongoing communication or data collection and management.

Blog Posts

Published weekly, delivered monthly via email, hosted on our website.

Resource Library

A curated, ever-growing inventory of documents and tools, hosted in our resource library.

PsychArmor Institute Courses

10 courses, hosted at psycharmor.org.


Professional development webinars open to all members; free online programming specifically designed to meet the organizational development and growth needs as expressed by our local partners. Highly-curated opportunities to partake of select programming with some of the nation’s leading subject matter experts at the crossroads of collective impact, best practices in nonprofit management, and issues of interest to the military and veterans community. Available on our calendar.

Workshop Participation

Collaborative workshops open to all members, designed to support collaboration among members. Regional cohort workshops open to collaborative leadership designed to support collaboration across the region. Available on our calendar.


Regional cohorts of local partners convened in facilitated online forums each quarter, and occasionally at in-person gatherings at conferences, retreats, and other gatherings. Available on our calendar.