National Partners

Our partnerships with three best-in-class national organizations support our local partners’ capacities for collective impact, increase our reach and effectiveness, and improve the quality of our data.

Through robust programming designed specifically for Bob Woodruff foundation (BWF) local partners, our national partners contribute subject matter expertise, convening authority, and significant resources to our local partners as they learn and grow. Each national partnership is aligned directly with one of our program pillars; collectively, they unite for a bold new approach to strengthening the capacity of American communities to collaborate for impact in the lives of veterans.

Shared Learning with Collective Impact Forum

Collective Impact Forum will:

  • deliver first-ever program of collective impact classes customized specifically for our local partner network
  • provide in-depth coaching and technical assistance to local partner collaboratives committed to increasing collective impact success
  • partner with NLC to educate elected officials on why collective impact is a smart model for organizing around veterans’ issues

Stakeholder Engagement with National League of Cities

National League of Cities will:

  • offer year-round conferences that broker access to elected officials and increase knowledge about civic policies and systems among local partners
  • educate elected and civic leaders about BWF's local partner network, raise their awareness of veterans’ issues, and work with CIF to increase their understanding of the  collective impact model
  • provide free, online seminars, led by subject matter experts and customized for veteran collaboratives, covering a range of topics at the intersection of veteran issues and civic concerns, such as transportation and affordable housing

Thought Leadership & Data with RAND

RAND will:

  • provide guidance on BWF's “Local Partner Self-Assessment Tool”(LPSAT), a new tool designed to help local partners assess various aspects of their community-based collaboration, including progress toward measures of collective impact
  • advise us on opportunities to capture what we are learning and highlight our thought leadership
  • provide guidance on appropriate methods for us to assess our impact