Our Program

Designed at the intersection of collective impact theory and the needs of communities collaborating to serve veterans, our programming evolves as our collaboratives mature.

Inspired by the collective impact framework and activated by collaboration funding, our program facilitates the conditions of success through shared learning, stakeholder engagement and thought leadership. As their collaboratives mature, our Local Partners increase their capacities to collaborate for impact in the lives of veterans.

Shared learning

  • Convene learning cohorts based on regional and subject matter affinities
  • Provide training, technical assistance and professional development that strengthen Local Partner collaboratives
  • Fund learning opportunities and collaboration activities through which collaboratives across the nation can learn with and from each other

Stakeholder engagement

  • Leverage the collective influence and wisdom of local communities on a national level
  • Identify national partner organizations of influence and reputation on a national level whose subject matter expertise can be deployed to increase the organizational capacity
  • Facilitate collaboration opportunities between our Local and National Partners to leverage expertise and build mutual capacity
  • Advocate for a national dialogue that includes all stakeholders

Thought leadership

  • Curate and share relevant, timely ideas and resources that inspire excellence in collaboration for impact in the lives veterans
  • Collect, analyze and distribute information unique to BWF's Local Partner Network 
  • Translate new academic and cross-sector strategies into actionable best practices for the veteran support ecosystem