The Bob Woodruff Foundation local partner network is improving veterans’ lives by changing the systems that serve them.

What We Do

The Bob Woodruff Foundation local partner network increases the collaborative capacity of local communities to steward a national ecosystem working to achieve optimal well-being for veterans and their families, wherever they are.

Why Our Work Matters

Over 18.2 million veterans live in our nation's 3,141 counties. Access to services that meet their needs varies from community to community because systems aren't integrated. By taking on the role of intermediary, we create the connections needed for a stronger ecosystem.

How We Work

We find, fund, and facilitate stakeholder groups in local communities across the nation that are willing to collaborate for impact in the lives of veterans. Through opportunities for shared learning, stakeholder engagement, and thought leadership, we can optimize collaborative systems and accelerate progress, increasing our collective impact.

Our Commitment

We embrace all collaborative frameworks and encourage the inclusion of non-veteran organizations. The cross-sector ecosystem we're building includes private, public, philanthropic, and nonprofit leaders as equal stakeholders in veteran wellness.

112 Local Partners
46 States

With local partners in nearly every state, we are affecting change across the country so that veteran well-being improves, regardless of geography. At the same time, we're generating the most comprehensive public data set charting what communities need to serve veterans at the local level.

For our Local Partners

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